Video Series, 2020

This video series was developed by taking regular walks around my neighborhood early in the COVID-19 pandemic. I walked the same route several times each week at roughly the same time of day. Certain spots that had particularly interesting light activity on the sidewalks, I documented.

This practice connected me to the area - Logan Square, Chicago, IL - as well as met several of my physical and emotional needs. I listed to meditation teachings, talked with neighbors, but mostly observed where and when I was. 

These videos live in my Instagram Stories. Each location was given its own story so that, as the project went on, followers could select a story and watch all the recordings I’d taken of that particular spot, day after day, sequentially. I still think this is the best way for this work to live so, here, I am simply sharing  links to those stories. Turning the sound on enhances the work. Aside from trimming the videos, I did not edit them at all. The point was to simply capture what happened at that exact moment in that exact place.

Links to Instagram Stories for each site: